Texel’s north head, “the land behind the Rugediek” is characterized by its varied offer in many areas.

From beautiful nature to a variety of sporting possibilities, from culinary enjoyment to a look at art and history. Founded in 1835 by an Antwerp shipowner, N.J. de Cock, who founded the “Sociëteit van Eierland” together with some gentlemen. Located on the “Roggesloot”, an old creek that used to be in open connection with the Wadden Sea. The Cocksdorp grew steadily and especially in the last 25 years it has acquired a completely different appearance due to the growth of tourist accommodations.

Especially due to the growth of the bungalow park “De Krim” and various parks around and near De Slufter, employment in those parks, but also in and around the village, has increased considerably.

After De Koog, De Cocksdorp is now the second tourist resort on Texel. Near De Cocksdorp, from Paal 33, the boat leaves for Vlieland in the season. At De Cocksdorp, in the polder, are the hamlets Midden- and Zuid Eierland.

Tip: Special stories about De Cocksdorp can be read on the website of our business association
OVCE De Cocksdorp and Eierland

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