Everything ready just before the frost! New parking spaces and site redevelopment completed

As in almost all other countries in Europe and beyond, Texel is currently more closed than open.
January is our quietest month. We therefore always plan major maintenance in January. Just like at home, the catering industry is closed, only a few shops are open. There is no better time to really rigorously tackle the entire site – without inconvenience to our guests -.


Are you coming to ‘t Eibernest again soon? Then you can experience the metamorphosis yourself. We have listened carefully to our guests over the years and are now tackling all areas for improvement in one go.

Upgraded the entire park:

  • Parking at the cottages
  • New and larger terraces
  • Natural fences
  • Planting
  • Lighting adjusted
  • New parking lot
  • Underground waste bins
  • Charging your electric car

That was the outside, we have in the houses

  • New furniture
  • New curtains

In short, a completely new look!
Our regular guests now know that several bungalows now also have a bedroom downstairs.

follow us on Facebook, we regularly post news from ‘t Eibernest there. Or better : Come and see for yourself when our country opens again carefully. You stay with us in your own bungalow, cleaned according to regulations, with your own entrance and no common areas. The safest way to take a break.

If the catering industry is not yet fully open, all houses have an excellent kitchen incl. dishwasher. The restaurants in De Cocksdorp offer a very wide choice of take-out and / or delivery services. You can buy delicious local products at the supermarket within walking distance.

See you soon at ‘t Eibernest!
These activities were completed in February 2021.

Norbert, Esther and Lucas


We can now drive up to the houses to load and unload the stuff more easily.

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